We serve people through a ministry of love, compassion, and mercy in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ

Children's Services

ALSM offers a wide range of children’s  and family service programs in a safe and nurturing environment that allows each child to reach his or her fullest potential.

Growing Years Early Learning Centers offer child care for children ages birth through five years of age in an environment that is secure and educational. Centers are located in Altoona, Bedford, DuBois and Johnstown. The Altoona center offers the opportunity for children to interact with older adults who attend our Senior Daily Living Center and become enriched through this unique intergenerational experience.

Kid Stops offer care for school age children (kindergarten through age 12) for before-and-after school and full-time in the summer. The program provides an interesting, challenging and safe environment for school age children. Kid Stops are located in Bedford, Claysburg, Everett and Johnstown.

Pre-K Counts offers free pre-kindergarten education to children and families who are income-elegible and who may have identified special needs. The program provides an atmosphere of learning and preparation for three- and four-year olds and help get them started on the right path to learning.

Early Head Start/Head Start offers free educational, health, nutritional and family services and encourages school readiness and cognite, social and emotional development . The program is for expectant parents and parents and children ages birth to five years old who are income eligible or have an identified special need. 

Early Head Start helps parents learn to be their child's teacher and expand their knowledge of development and important milestones. Parents and children have an opportunity to meet on a regular basis and interact during "Play and Learn" Socializations (PALS.) The program will enable your child's development to flourish.

Head Start helps prepare children for kindergarten cognitively, just like school districts and other preschools. Head Start also has the additional ability to provide the family with comprehensive services that will help prepare the parent to be successful at being their child's life long teacher and mentor. Head Start educates parents about observing their child's development. By identifying needs or concerns early on and implementing corerctive action this will allow your child's development to flourish and advance at a quicker pace. Head Start has the capabilities and skills to focus on the family's "big picture," promoting health, nutrition and family unity.

Family Center of Bedford County offer free programs to anyone expecting a child or families who have children from birth to school age. We are dedicated to helping parents improve the educational achievements of their children as well as the quality of life for their family. Family Center also offers group activities in the community to provide parent/child interaction and to meet and share experiences with other parents.