A Thanksgiving Greeting From ALSM’s President and CEO

November 2018


At this time of the year when mornings welcome us with “frost on the pumpkin,” the need to snuggle into our warm hats and gloves and turn on the heaters in our cars, we pause to give thanks for all of the blessings we enjoy.

Even when it seems that we do not have all we would like to have in terms of “stuff” and we see despair instead of joy in our lives, there are blessings in despair and in all turmoil of life if we simply take time to remember what messages are in our lives.

Recently a member of our team shared the following poem by Joyce Rupp, a poet who has written a number of inspirational stories. I share this poem with you now as you take time out of your busy lives to reflect:

If you look at a sunset, you might see only the disappearance of daylight.
If you look beneath, you may see darkness opening the splendor of stars.
If you look at illness and disease, you might see only physical diminishment.
If you look beneath, you may see it as a teacher bringing you vital wisdom.
If you look at a broken relationship, you might see only a harsh ending.
If you look beneath, you may see the courageous seeds of new growth.
If you look at lost dreams, you might see only disappointment and doubt.
If you look beneath, you may see the stuff that new dreams contain.
If you look at the death of a loved one, you might see only pervasive sorrow.
If you look beneath, you may see that love lives on forever in your heart.
If you look at the planet’s pain and creatures’ woe, you might see only despair.
If you look beneath, you may see hope woven in the compassionate care of many.
If you look at yourself, you might see only tarnished unfinishedness.
If you look beneath, you may see your basic goodness shining there.
If you look for the divine being, you might see mostly unresolved questions.
If you look beneath, you may be astounded at the availability of divine love.

THANKSGIVING is a time to look beneath our external lives for the unwavering love.

The ceaseless peace and the enduring strength that lies in the deep waters of our soul the more we trust the “unknowable depths” of our existence, the more the power of gratitude becomes a song we sing each day, not just at Thanksgiving.

So, take some time to reflect on the “beneathness” of your existence and count the blessings you have.

And remember that all those persons associated with Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries (ALSM), are most grateful for the blessings each of us who fulfill our mission.

It is my wish that you and your respective families and friends enjoy a very blessed and fulfilling Thanksgiving Day filled with the well-prepared delicious food you enjoy and lots of love of those around you.


In His Service,

Patricia W. Savage