A Thanksgiving Message from ALSM’s President & CEO

As we celebrate the season of Thanksgiving, have you asked yourself for what you are grateful?

Obviously, Thanksgiving is the time when we step back and reflect on all the good things in our life. Giving thanks and expressing gratitude is an old and trusted concept. It is the opportunity to acknowledge what is good in your life and in the actions of your neighbors. To express gratitude shifts our focus from negative to positive.

The past several years have been stressful (even more than usual) and often those stresses can become overwhelming, yet there is still much for which to be grateful.

During this Thanksgiving, consider pausing even more to reflect. Reflect on people for whom you should be grateful not only for the things they do, but for who they are, how they behave, what they stand for as individuals. And please do not forget to be grateful for who you are. Not for what you do or what you have, but who you are, the attitudes you hold and what you believe in. Expressions of gratitude create better lives for all of us, individually, and collectively.

Happy Thanksgiving.

In his service,